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Kim McGrath


"At Sunset Hills Dressage, we take our training seriously, but we want our clients to have a good time.  I think of it as "focused fun".

- Kim McGrath


Kim McGrath discovered her passion for horses at a young age and started riding western as a child before moving on to hunter/jumpers. She fell in love with dressage when working with an OTTB who was having soundness issues jumping and had to be worked more on the flat. It was then that Kim knew dressage was her true passion.


Kim started her dressage career at the age of 14. She later found her way to Jo Moran, who changed the way she saw professionals in the industry. Those who were excited and passionate about what they did with horses were inspiring, and Kim embodies that with her training program today.

Kim had the opportunity to ride many different types of horses in different stages of their training with Bert Rutten, which helped her learn alternative approaches for all types of horses. Kim’s true love in dressage is bringing young horses through the levels. Working with young horses and training them to Grand Prix is incredibly rewarding.

Kim’s approach as a coach is customized to every rider and every horse. Not everyone learns the same way and Kim teaches differently for every client. Kim wants to spend time making equestrians better horsemen, not just better riders. Kim also trains each horse to their individual needs, customizing their training to them, creating a willing, talented, athletic partner.


Kim takes her program seriously, but has created a fun environment and all the clients like to have a good time. Sunset Hills Dressage is focused and serious, but wants riders to enjoy themselves in a fun training environment. She calls it Focused Fun.

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